Why the UHMWPE pipe is easy to installation?     DATE: 2014-02-21 10:09

Why the UHMWPE pipe is easy to installation?
The weight of unit length of UHMWPE pipe is only 1/8 of the steel pipe, which makes loading and unloading, transportation, installation be more convenient. The UHMWPE pipe can also lighten woker's labor intensity, and can be available both at superterranean and subterrane construction. 
UHMWPE pipe connection process is simple, intuitive and efficient. UHMWPE pipe can be connected whether by welding or by flange when installation. The welding line is stronger than pipe which guarantees the installation of long distance pipe especially middle and high pressure pipe more convenient. 
UHMWPE pipe can be kept without any antiseptic, and it is light and flexible. UHMWPE pipe is convenient for shifting and lying so that it can trend itselt to fit the topographic changing. Safety, convenience, and labor-saving all fully show the superiority of "energy-saving, environmental protection, economy, efficiency" of UHMWPE pipe.

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