China Enacts “National Sword 2017” Crackdown On Plastic Wast     DATE: 2017-11-27 11:13

China Enacts “National Sword 2017” Crackdown On Plastic Waste Imports

The China Scrap Plastics Association said in a statement that the nation has enacted heightened measures to crack down on plastic waste imports.
Some regard this campaign as the second Green Fence.

Plastics News has the story:

“Some regard this campaign as the second ‘Green Fence,’” said Steve Wong, CSPA executive president, referring to a 2013 crackdown seen as China’s biggest to date on waste imports.

“While plastic recycling can sometimes be one of the industries responsible for pollution the government’s intention is to crackdown on all recycling operations without proper controls and facilities,” he said in the statement. “This policy will become a ‘new normal’ for China in the future.”

The newest campaign, called “National Sword 2017,” began with a government announcement Feb. 7 and is expected to last one year.

Another Chinese industry group, the recycling committee of the Beijing-based China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that Guangdong Province and other areas have been “seriously affected,” with companies concerned about imports stacking up at ports and some importers facing “survival challenges.”

And the newest E&T report:
Waste exporters are currently panicking because “their method of recycling has been to shove it in a container and ship it to somebody else to make it their problem,” he told E&T.

He said: “We don’t currently have the capacity, and we don’t have the technology, to process it. For years and years, the cheapest way to get rid of your waste has been to put it in containers and ship it overseas to the Third World and let them pick through it and sift out the value.”

Other Asian countries like the Philippines or Vietnam might be poised to now pick up the slack, he said, but he added that governments should realise their economic model for dealing with waste and recycling was unsustainable and was not good for the environment.